Inspiration comes to me in many ways; from the raw, sweet smell of the outdoors to a funny or disturbing event in the news.
With very few pre-conceived notions about what art “is” and “is not”, this open-mindedness carries over to my approach to my work. Whether working with paint, wood or metal I’m never quite sure where the creative journey will take me but I always trust my inner voice to tell me when I’ve arrived.
The result is an overall body of work ranging from the conceptual, to the abstract, to the impressionistic, that at times looks as though it could have been created by several very different artists.
I hope you enjoy my work.

Juried Exhibitions:
- Divergent Thinking: Fountain Street Fine Art Gallery
- Light and Air: The Landscape Revisited- Caladan Gallery
- Blue: Kathryn Schultz Gallery Cambridge, MA
- Alternate Currents Blue Space 200:  Boston, MA
- RED: University Place Gallery Cambridge Art Association- Cambridge, MA
- Museum School Gallery: DeCordova Museum - Lincoln, MA
- Member Exhibition: Danforth Museum of Art, Framingham, MA

I can be reached at 508.380.0619 or at